Wat is Synerjob?

SYNERJOB: bundeling van krachten op de verschillende regionale arbeidsmarkten in België.

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C'est quoi, Synerjob?

SYNERJOB: unir les forces au niveau des différents marchés de travail régionaux en Belgique.

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Was ist das, Synerjob?

SYNERJOB: alle Kräfte vereinen auf den unterschiedlichen regionalen Arbeitsmärkte in Belgien bestehen kann.

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What is Synerjob

SYNERJOB: joining all forces in order on the different regional labour markets within Belgium.

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Jaarverslag 2013 / Rapport annuel 2013 / Tätigkeitsbericht Synerjob 2013

Gezamenlijke Synerjob-Nota over jeugdwerkloosheid December 2013

Prinselijk bezoek / Visite princière / Fürstlicher Besuch

Gezamenlijke Nota rond jeugdwerkloosheid - November 2011

"PES Vision for 2020" Conference, Brussels, December 1st, 2010

PES and competencies - Video presentationWith the active participation of a wide variety of speakers, the SynerJob Conference offered both visionary aspects combined with more operational considerations on PES vision towards 2020 and their role in the implementation of the new European Employment Strategy 2020.

The global report of the SynerJob Conference "PES Vision for 2020" has been published in november 2011:

Open publication


foto's van de conferentie

The event in pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/.../SynerjobHeadsOfPES
The event website: https://sites.google.com/site/pesvisionfor2020/home

Working Group “PES contribution to EU 2020”

Fons Leroy, Director General from VDAB has accepted the mandate to chair a working group of PES representatives devoted to elaborate a "PES contribution to EU2020" that combines several strategic elements such as the translation of the employment guidelines into operations of the PES and the PES visions 2020. The aim is to get a clear picture of the future evolutions within PES as concerns the relevant matters from Guidelines 7 and 8. Read more